Industry: Underground Containers for Urban Solid Waste
Year: 2007
Country: Portugal
Investment type: Buy-out
Stake: 26.7%

Sotkon is the Iberian market leader in the production, assembling and installation of underground containers for solid urban waste. Sotkon results from the buyout of 2 companies, in Portugal and Spain, and its value lies in the roll-out of a new invention in the urban waste management segment.  Sotkon operates in an attractive market segment with double digit annual growth rates and very low penetration rates, particularly outside Iberia. Its proven solution has little or no competition from existing alternatives in terms of industrial cost and functionality.  Inter-Risco’s strategy resides in the integration of two market-leading companies to create a world leader in a small but growing market segment and support pan-Iberian expansion and international roll-out of an innovative and proven product.

Currently, Sotkon is present in circa 30 countries through subsidiaries, as for example in Portugal, Spain, France and Turkey, and through a wide network of distributors at a worldwide level.

With a single and professional corporate structure and management, and following a market diversification process which was initiated in 2009 and a continuous development of its innovative waste collection systems, Sotkon reached sales of Eur 10 Mn in 2018 generated in 14 countries.


Subsidiaries from Fund Inter-Risco I Caravela

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