Industry: Specialty Engineering Services
Year: 2013
Country: Portugal
Investment Type: Buy-out
Stake: 51.0%

Mecwide is an Oil & Gas focused engineering services company in the metalworking industry, which was established in 2008 by Carlos Palhares (its founder and Chief Executive Officer).

Trends such as urbanization, population growth and industrial diversification are supporting a need for added-value engineering services in order to face growing complexity works, especially in emerging countries. Furthermore, in sectors like Oil & Gas and Mining, where outsourcing is predominant, engineering services from third parties could especially benefit from such development.

Fundo Inter-Risco II’s investment in Mecwide will allow the company to leverage its growth potential in the Oil & Gas sector, through a powerful internationalization process, which relies on taking advantage of the technical ability and know-how amassed by Mecwide both on its specialized engineering services and construction and maintenance of metalworking equipment segments, where its team already benefits from a wide international acknowledgement.  In the course of its internationalization strategy, Mecwide shall combine an active organic growth orientation along with acquisitive growth, boosted by the acquisition of complementary companies in selective external markets where there is high potential for the development of engineering services, in particular, in Oil & Gas, mining and industrial sectors.

In January 2014, Mecwide expanded its services and competences portfolio, by completing the acquisition of Setrova, a metalworking and engineering services company, with a relevant presence on the industrial maintenance segment.

In July 2015, Mecwide completed the acquisition of MIM Mozambique, a Mozambican metalworking company, with an ongoing construction project for an industrial unit in Maputo. This investment is a bet in the metalwork manufacturing and assembly sector and will foster an economic and social impact in the country, through 100 new job placements and qualified workforce training.

In 2018, Mecwide, together with Setrova and MIM Moçambique, had consolidated revenues of circa Eur 46 Mn, mostly generated in international markets, and counted with 515 workers.

Mecwide is a co-investment from Fundo Inter-Risco II and Fundo Inter-Risco II CI.


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