Investment Focus

Generalist industry approach
Inter-Risco pursues a generalist investment policy regarding industry sectors, with specific focus on ‘Old-Economy’ industries that evidence either a fragmented competitive landscape, high barriers-to-entry, or a substantial growth potential.

Build-up strategy
Represents the common link between most of the investments carried by Inter-Risco where priority is given to acquisition-led growth in order to scale on integration synergies, economies of scale, economies of scope and increasing brand awareness.

Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Due to Inter-Risco’s past success in the Portuguese mid-market segment and to the positive returns of its buy-and-build investments in fragmented industries, companies with turnover ranging from Eur 10.0 to 100.0 Mn form Inter-Risco’s target firm size.

Based on Inter-Risco’s international network next to other private equity operators or its own portfolio, the firm assists previously insular businesses into developing international awareness, whether based on international expansion; monitoring developments abroad; or defending local markets against global competitors.

Buyout and Expansion focus
Inter-Risco directs its investments towards the acquisition of majority stakes in target companies (directly or in syndication with other investors) and expansion projects in high-growth potential industries, where tight shareholder agreements are implemented.

Exit strategy
For all investments, the available exit options play a decisive part of the deal. Inter-Risco’s due diligence includes a comprehensive sector analysis, in which any opportunity is cross-checked with the market dynamics recorded in the past 2 to 3 years in its industry. A reliable market screening is crucial to a successful investment strategy by enabling each company to be optimally positioned at exit and therefore attracting the greatest possible number of bidders.

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