What is a Private Equity investment?

Private Equity investment is the business of providing equity capital to growing companies raising capital outside the stock market circuit.  Private Equity can be used to develop new products and technologies, to expand working capital, to make acquisitions or to strengthen a company's balance sheet. It can also resolve ownership and management issues such as succession in family-owned companies or the buy-out or buy-in of a business by experienced managers.

What type of investments does Inter-Risco perform?

Inter-Risco focuses its investments on large-scale buy-and-build and expansion strategies based in Portugal. Priority is given to acquisition-led growth in order to scale on integration synergies, economies of scale and scope and brand awareness. This approach is also seconded by the Portuguese small and medium enterprises (SMEs) landscape, which is extremely fragmented, and by Inter-Risco team’s experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions.

In which sectors does Inter-Risco invest?

Inter-Risco pursues a generalist investment policy, focusing its strategy in companies in fragmented, regulated or growth markets, operating in the ‘old-Economy’ industries, with above-average M&A activity, in order to assure successful exit strategies and minimize investment risk.

What equity stake does Inter-Risco require?

Inter-Risco takes positions as lead investor, generally through majority stakes (directly or in syndication with other investors) or reference minority stakes, protected by solid shareholders' agreements. Inter-Risco will always have at least one representative in the Board of Directors of the portfolio company and a vote on the composition of the management team.

What is Inter-Risco’s investments’ size and period?

Inter-Risco invests within the range of Eur 5.0 Mn to 20.0 Mn in SMEs, with turnover ranging from Eur 10.0 to 100.0 Mn. Inter-Risco’s investment may be held for an average of 5 years.

What role does Inter-Risco play in the management of the portfolio companies?

Inter-Risco pursues a strategy of hands-on involvement in all its portfolio companies throughout the life of the investment. Inter-Risco’s team participates in all major decisions, from strategy definition to day-to-day operational issues. Along the life of the investment and whenever deemed necessary Inter-Risco’s team can assume interim management positions.

How does Inter-Risco exit from its portfolio companies?

Throughout the life of the investment Inter-Risco continually reassesses the company’s exit options and ensures that its strategy is aligned with the requirements of potential buyers.  All opportunities before investment are cross-checked with market dynamics in order to confirm M&A activity appetite from reference international players. Inter-Risco has the capacity to execute a variety of divestment structures, being the most common: trade sale to an industrial player or to a financial buyer (secondary transaction).

How can a project be presented to Inter-Risco?

As part of the initial contact phase, Inter-Risco should be sent a brief presentation of the company and the strategy intended to be developed. We can also be reached by phone in order to cross check if the opportunity is of interest, i.e., if it has a fit with the investment criteria of the funds managed. If there is a potential fit for the operation, a meeting will be organised with those responsible for the project in order to analyse the business opportunity more in depth. Inter-Risco can be reached on the following email address: inter-risco@inter-risco.pt, telephone number: +351 220 126 700 or by mail to the following address: Rua Sá da Bandeira, 481 2º Direito, 4000-436 Porto, Portugal.

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