Industry: Veterinary Medicine
Investment Date: 2012
Exit date: 2022
Divestment type: Trade Sale
Stake: 49.0%

OneVet was an innovative project in the Portuguese veterinary care industry, launched by Inter-Risco in 2012, with the aim of establishing the first group that would provide veterinary care services on a national scope through the integration of referral hospital and small local practices. Under the same "brand" it was intended to create a reference project in the dissemination of the best clinical and management practices in order to provide the Group's clients with access to the best health care for their pet.

In April 2021, in order to continue to fund OneVet’s consolidation strategy and increase the network of clinical knowledge and scientific development made available to all OneVet veterinary teams, it was agreed to strengthen OneVet's capital with the entry of Unavets, a Spanish veterinary healthcare group (an investee of Oaktree Capital managed funds).  With this partner in the share capital, OneVet grew from 19 to 43 units in a year and a half, adding at the end of 2022 more than 450 employees and a turnover of approximately Eur 20 Mn.

With the successful execution of the joint business plan designed by Inter-Risco and Unavets/Oaktree Capital, in December 2022, Fundo Inter-Risco II exited OneVet, with the takeover of 100% of the Group's capital by Unavets/Oaktree Capital.


Subsidiaries from Fund Inter-Risco II

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