OneVet Group

Industry: Veterinary Medicine
Year: 2012
Country: Portugal
Investment Type: Build-Up
Stake: 99.6%

Through Fundo Inter-Risco II, Inter-Risco has launched an innovative investment in the Portuguese veterinary care industry, aimed at establishing a nationwide pet care group – OneVet, whose naming features the corporate brand for the project, on an appeal to its cooperative and ambitious spirit.

The business case comprises the establishment of an extensive practice network, including referral hospitals and small local practices, ensuring a convenient and one-stop-shop service. Such practice structure enables referrals to be optimized within and beyond the network, veterinary specialty practices to be formed and best clinical and management practices to be spread throughout the network, allowing clients to get access to the best small animal care services.

In less than 24 months after its establishment, OneVet Group became the largest proprietary corporation for veterinary care in Iberia, operating currently 12 practices and 7 veterinary hospitals, generating an over Eur 7.5 Mn annual turnover in 2018, with more than 200 employees.


Subsidiaries from Fund Inter-Risco II

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