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Portfolio Management

Inter-Risco pursues a strategy of hands-on involvement in all its portfolio companies throughout the investment life-cycle. The team actively participates in all major decisions, from strategy definition to day-to-day business. In particular, Inter-Risco may contribute to any or all of the following key activities:

Strategic planning and implementation

Inter-Risco continuously reviews each company and its market environment in order to identify potential trend shifts and under-performing areas, supporting management teams on the realignment of the strategic goals.

Professionalization and post-deal integration

In order to stimulate and manage rapid acquisitive and/or organic growth and to position the company for exit to multinational players, Inter-Risco invests considerable resources in ensuring that each portfolio company conforms to international norms of corporate governance and structures. Inter-Risco also ensures that each add-on acquisition conforms to the standards established within the platform company.

Business plan execution

Since the first day of the investment, Inter-Risco implements tight mechanisms that ensure that the strategic roadmap that supports its investment is adequately delivered. Inter-Risco recurrently monitors the portfolio companies’ performance with a focus on financial results and budget execution.

Networking and deal-flow opportunities

Immediately after performing the investment, Inter-Risco shares with its investee companies most of its contacts next to financial institutions, law firms, head-hunters, marketing & communication companies and information technology suppliers. In addition, and mostly due to the deal-flow it generates through its market-based approach, which allows the team to become intimately acquainted with the companies operating in their target markets, Inter-Risco advises its portfolio companies on potential acquisitions.

Operational upgrade

Alongside standardizing corporate and support structures, Inter-Risco commonly brings a professional approach to operational efficiency. The team generally drives, inter alia, the development of comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) or, more broadly, information technology (IT) upgrading plans, facility facelift and an in-depth review of key contracted costs. Furthermore, Inter-Risco actively seeks cross-procurement opportunities – mostly involving overheads – for its portfolio firms, enabling them to more quickly benefit from significant economies of scale, deriving from the overall size of the group of firms held by Inter-Risco.